Thursday, December 2, 2010

What IS a Children's Museum?

as we've discussed the need for a Children's Museum here in Saint George we have encountered a few people who aren't sure what exactly a Children's Museum IS...

Let's first think about what it is NOT.

A Children's Museum is NOT a place where art made by children is on display behind glass.

A Children's Museum is NOT a place to bring your child to look at (but not touch) the displays.

In its simplest form - a Children's Museum IS a place where a family can go to discover, learn, create, grow, and play... a place with interactive displays that you are encouraged to touch and explore.

Children's Museums have large and small motor activities (building, art, playing musical instruments) as well as role play areas (grocery stores, farms) all geared toward the size of a child. 

Over the years I have had the opportunity to visit quite a few Children's Museums around the country - with my own children and with school groups - I have enjoyed each one for its unique offerings and my kids have fond memories of each.  With luck (and perhaps a little help from some sponsors) Saint George's own Children's Museum will soon be able to provide fond memories for the families of this community.

The dream for a Children's Museum here in Saint George is finally coming to fruition - we hope that you will follow us on our journey as we transform the lower floor of the courthouse into a place where you and your families will enjoy many visits!

What activities do YOU love to do with your child?