Tuesday, May 7, 2013

As you may have heard things are really coming along over at our new building! The long term plan for this blog is to keep it full of stories - YOUR stories about coming to visit us.  In the meantime I wanted to show you some of what is happening at the building!

Photo 1:  Our "before" shot...   ho-hum...  it may never look like this again!!

 Paint is going up on walls everywhere...  Happy little clouds now cover that ceiling!
 Rolling Hills make a great backdrop for our farm...
 and no matter how many people tell me that the science room is painted black I am telling you it's just a very very dark blue.  (the exhibit designer will back me up on this one!)
Exhibit pieces are being assembled...
 And five truckloads of exhibits have arrived. (is it possible that truck is bigger than our building?)
 No wonder we're exhausted...  luckily the garden bed makes a nice cozy place to catch a few Zs...

In the end, we hope you'll agree it's worth every drop of paint on clothing, every broken nail, and every minute of lost sleep.

These guys seemed to enjoy it!
(visitor photos taken during our Art Festival Open House)