Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The More Things Change...

As you probably know, many of our exhibits originated at another museum - one of my favorite moments thus far here at the museum was when the director of the Lied Discovery Museum (Las Vegas) came to visit and saw a few of the changes we made to those exhibits. In that moment of amazement it was apparent to all of us here that the hard work, bruised knees, and paint on our shoes was worth it. 

Since I can't take you back in time to see what once was (although wouldn't THAT be a cool exhibit) we will have to settle for the pictures!

the airplane, old and new...

and the bank - so much changed I'm not sure it's a simple renovation anymore?
 well, okay - to be fair it's not the same bubble machine in both pictures, but our new wall just blows me away!

Desert Discovery fits in a smaller area in our museum but oh... I love what a difference our muralists make!

 We've had tourists come through and mention that their kids used to be frightened of that poor old fireman - he's now happy with a new dog, a new firehouse, and a very loud bell :)
 Our music room incorporates all of the old exhibits in a very new way - I feel like I'm walking through a garden right outside the castle...  with fairies all around... (fairies who like drum music)

same concept - new design with a LOT more color!

Those new mirrors are just SO much fun when the stage lights are on :)

 if it works, don't fix it... but that doesn't stop us from making it prettier!

and last but certainly not least my favorite transformation of all... the blue man tubes from Las Vegas become...

a TREE HOUSE??? I have to hand it to the designer and her team of construction magicians - this looks amazing!

and until you visit (opening this Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm) you will just have to imagine some of the other fun things!